Friday, October 22, 2010

I finally Found You.

I Finally Found You !
 For year's i had been through hell and as they say and I have heard
this said More than once..If you find Yourself going through Hell Just keep on Going Until you make it through !
Well I had traveled a long road and it seemed like I would never get out of the valley & Mountain's; then I found You My Love, My Soulmate,
It took me many year's But after my long enduring search there you were,
In all of your Glory,Dark Tall & Ample; Handsome,Just like you walked out of a Dream.
My dream, And for the last 19 years we have shared this dream of our's
together , Just you and I . Our Children & you; now our Grandchildren make us smile each day, God has Blessed me in so very many way's.
To think that I thought I would never find A love that we share , A love like Your's and Mine.
I dont Know if other's still do ,
If they still Love each other as much as I Love You.
This poem is written in behalf of My Better Half,
Forever and Alway's My Lover My Friend,My Soulmate Until The Very End !
No Matter how you feel now you know the way I do , That nothing changes
For Me when it come's down to Loving You..
Author://M.E.Foster 2010

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