Thursday, August 9, 2012

The day that My Heart broke....

Love your children...Hold them near, For some type of disease can come swiftly and take    
              Them from you!

My daughter has been sick , For a great while now...She has never said a word just worked and took care of her children as most mother's would have complained... she didn't , I think she must be one of the most courageous women that I have ever had the pleasure to know...And I must admit although that I would have rather her to tell me that she needed help... I also Must admire her for being able to stand up for herself and make her own choices...You see my daughter is a shy and very proud person!
She simply is a lot like her grandmother and myself... I have to admit it , I would never have called myself the thing's that I have called my young beautiful daughter...But I do so wish she had told me before now...
You see she has No insurance and she will not have any type of surgery done until she can pay the doctor in full. So that mean's that either I need to work more or I need to get some help for her some way...
If it were for me I would never worry about it, So I know that my daughter is just like me in that respect...As most of you now that I'am a writer, I have given all proceed's to the cancer and Heart foundation, and the animal foundation's that i can...I haven't made much money since starting to write through Createspace,
But now I must give up any and all proceed's that I make to my daughter even if it isn't much it will be better than nothing at all...Hence she is no longer able to work! I'm not asking for anything from anyone , I only wanted to explain why I will not be doing my writing as I have always done...And that is as a donation to these charities...I lost my Mother in 2008 she passed with cancer , My Father in 2010 also with cancer...
2 mos before my Mother in 2008 My Grandmother the same way. And as I know that most of you do not know this I too have fought cancer. So far I have been lucky...I want My Daughter Stephanie to be lucky also...She has 3 small children who would be as devastated as I would be if something happened to her.

I Thank you for your time,
Author M.E.Foster

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fosters Haunted Home

come in try to relax ,
And watch the video .there is some Cursing so this is PG 13
Please make sure that there is a adult with you ,
this is a true account of what is going on in my home @ the present.
I'm still trying to get someone to come in and Bless my home,
the Ghost Hunter's of our State have already been here But have not Blessed it yet..
So Please ,
Pray For Us.There are Children involved ,
Thank You for your support !

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Poem/ Angel's In Flight.By M.E.Foster

Angel's In Flight.

Angel's In flight please take from my sight,
Children screaming from fright from the fear of the darkness,
and the Shadows of Night,
Angel's In flight dear .. Angel's in flight
Please cover them with your wing's !
Love them with all the love that is in your ever lasting sight!
Dear Angel's in flight keep them in sight,cover them with your wing's,
Love them with all you got.
Please Angel's feel of their tear's, and free them of their fear's.
Angel's in flight .. dear , Angel's In flight,
The sorrow And tears running down ,
crowning their small faces ,
sure need eracing! Angel's In flight, Dear Angel's In Flight.
So I beg Of you to take away with you "Dear Angel's in Flight"
Angel's In Flight ,
Please Take Away their fear , take away the pain from their Eyes,Let them know that everything will be alright ! Dear Angel's in flight !
Dear Angel's in Flight. Angel's in Flight.
First written when 14 years old.Rewritten in 2010 LavenderEyes01 age 48

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Through Hell.

I alway's thought as I look back that My Mom and Dad had it made,
As we were growing up I guess it was hard But we Never Ever spoke Back to our Parent's! Now if you have children the best thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut because it is they who run the show.
I know I have made my child into the person that they are and that is were it hurts the most,I have spoiled them. Spare the Rod spoil the Child.
I think is the saying'I cant Quote anything @ this moment, For the simple fact my son who is 31 year's old is putting me through hell! It's a shame isnt it?
He think's I owe him the world on a silver platter , But what do I as a Mother & Parent do about it? Nothing I can do.I feel as if Im having a heart attack most of the time other times Im okay. What a terrible way to live.If you are just starting out and you have a baby listen to me and make sure you do what Im telling you to do.
I have went through hell every since my son turned 15 it has been many years now.
So I think I know what to tell you,Dop not spoil your child if they need something then get it,
If not then thats ok too.
Believe me when I say it will be better in the long run, And if you whip their butt then they will respect you and Love you.Where as mine dont do either for me because they always and to this day pout and raise all kind of heck if they dont get what they want ! we are talking about a 30 & 31 year old .
So just some information to the young parents who the world will have to deal with in the near future.
Good Luck.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mother's & Daughter's And Son's And Father's

When I think back of my childhood it wasnt pretty I had a bad one.
But it was not my Parent's fault, They were young when they married & had
Five children to deal with. But we all Loved them and Respected them.
In todays society no matter what you do,Buy their Love ,What Ever.
Your child Just like Mine or Other's,Do Not have those Qualities
Nor do they have the Moral's that were instilled in the generation that I as a person grew up in.People say it's the change in the time's.
But is it really? I would like to know if that is really the reason. Or is it just that our Parent's were so strict on us that we as Parent's have let our Children down!If you think about what Im writing about you will see that I do make some sense, I wanted better for my children therefore
I gave them almost everything they wanted therefore making them expect
more from me than I actually could give.It was a struggle as they were growing up But now that I have two grown children and Five Grandchildren
It is really Hard ! Wow Where did that come from? I guess I have answered My own question.I have been so used to giving them everything that I could that I didnt really realize how much they have taken advantage of me.
I do not like the idea that I have done this to myself Nor to my Husband But Me Myself & I .I did it ! No One else.I wanted so very badly to be loved that I would have done anything for my Children/Grandchildren to Love me.I guess that is a really aweful thing,Im still a work in progress!
Maybe before I get too much older I will have this all figured out.
Anyway I get like this sometime's and I have to write Or Blog. so if I sound a little off my rock ,LOL Im very sorry .Im just trying to make sense of the way the kid's are in todays society compared to when I grew
up.I hope that somewhere I have helped someone else to see this too.
I Love my Babies and yes I Still call them that even though they are old enough to have their own children, A mother is Alway's a Mother Just as a Father Is Alway's A Father.That Part will never cease But they have to leave the breast or Nest sometime. Might as well Be now.
Thank you for your time....