Monday, January 24, 2011

Mother's & Daughter's And Son's And Father's

When I think back of my childhood it wasnt pretty I had a bad one.
But it was not my Parent's fault, They were young when they married & had
Five children to deal with. But we all Loved them and Respected them.
In todays society no matter what you do,Buy their Love ,What Ever.
Your child Just like Mine or Other's,Do Not have those Qualities
Nor do they have the Moral's that were instilled in the generation that I as a person grew up in.People say it's the change in the time's.
But is it really? I would like to know if that is really the reason. Or is it just that our Parent's were so strict on us that we as Parent's have let our Children down!If you think about what Im writing about you will see that I do make some sense, I wanted better for my children therefore
I gave them almost everything they wanted therefore making them expect
more from me than I actually could give.It was a struggle as they were growing up But now that I have two grown children and Five Grandchildren
It is really Hard ! Wow Where did that come from? I guess I have answered My own question.I have been so used to giving them everything that I could that I didnt really realize how much they have taken advantage of me.
I do not like the idea that I have done this to myself Nor to my Husband But Me Myself & I .I did it ! No One else.I wanted so very badly to be loved that I would have done anything for my Children/Grandchildren to Love me.I guess that is a really aweful thing,Im still a work in progress!
Maybe before I get too much older I will have this all figured out.
Anyway I get like this sometime's and I have to write Or Blog. so if I sound a little off my rock ,LOL Im very sorry .Im just trying to make sense of the way the kid's are in todays society compared to when I grew
up.I hope that somewhere I have helped someone else to see this too.
I Love my Babies and yes I Still call them that even though they are old enough to have their own children, A mother is Alway's a Mother Just as a Father Is Alway's A Father.That Part will never cease But they have to leave the breast or Nest sometime. Might as well Be now.
Thank you for your time....


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