Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Poem/ Angel's In Flight.By M.E.Foster

Angel's In Flight.

Angel's In flight please take from my sight,
Children screaming from fright from the fear of the darkness,
and the Shadows of Night,
Angel's In flight dear .. Angel's in flight
Please cover them with your wing's !
Love them with all the love that is in your ever lasting sight!
Dear Angel's in flight keep them in sight,cover them with your wing's,
Love them with all you got.
Please Angel's feel of their tear's, and free them of their fear's.
Angel's in flight .. dear , Angel's In flight,
The sorrow And tears running down ,
crowning their small faces ,
sure need eracing! Angel's In flight, Dear Angel's In Flight.
So I beg Of you to take away with you "Dear Angel's in Flight"
Angel's In Flight ,
Please Take Away their fear , take away the pain from their Eyes,Let them know that everything will be alright ! Dear Angel's in flight !
Dear Angel's in Flight. Angel's in Flight.
First written when 14 years old.Rewritten in 2010 LavenderEyes01 age 48

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  1. This was the first thing ever Published for me !
    I was a child when it was written, And now as a Adult, I look back on it, I do know that my Mother was correct !But then She was always very wise,May she Rest in Peace. She had enough confidence for me,To become a writer. I'm proud to have her" As My Mother" and now as" My very own Angel & Protector".
    I know that she is watching with a smile on her face..Thank You Mom, I Love You !