Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Through Hell.

I alway's thought as I look back that My Mom and Dad had it made,
As we were growing up I guess it was hard But we Never Ever spoke Back to our Parent's! Now if you have children the best thing you can do is to keep your mouth shut because it is they who run the show.
I know I have made my child into the person that they are and that is were it hurts the most,I have spoiled them. Spare the Rod spoil the Child.
I think is the saying'I cant Quote anything @ this moment, For the simple fact my son who is 31 year's old is putting me through hell! It's a shame isnt it?
He think's I owe him the world on a silver platter , But what do I as a Mother & Parent do about it? Nothing I can do.I feel as if Im having a heart attack most of the time other times Im okay. What a terrible way to live.If you are just starting out and you have a baby listen to me and make sure you do what Im telling you to do.
I have went through hell every since my son turned 15 it has been many years now.
So I think I know what to tell you,Dop not spoil your child if they need something then get it,
If not then thats ok too.
Believe me when I say it will be better in the long run, And if you whip their butt then they will respect you and Love you.Where as mine dont do either for me because they always and to this day pout and raise all kind of heck if they dont get what they want ! we are talking about a 30 & 31 year old .
So just some information to the young parents who the world will have to deal with in the near future.
Good Luck.


  1. Just as I thought Thing's would get worse,
    They actually did.But God answered a Prayer
    For Me & My Child.I didnt realize it @ that
    Moment,But he alway's answer's when we cry out.
    My son is now where he cannot hurt anyone & They In turn cannot Hurt him.
    In other Word's.God alway's Know's Best!
    I want To TY for putting up with me the last few month's , It has been really bad ! But I think I have weathered this storm ,Just afraid
    That the next storm Just might be More than I as a person & Mother can handle.
    Thx once again to All of you ,And Sorry for the sloppy typing that I did on this Burst out for some type of help,Be it for some one to say a Prayer or My own Sanity I apprecaite all of you.
    Take Care.

  2. I was always strict with mine. They had plenty of love, but that had loads of discipline too. I am well blessed. I had lunch with my darling son (38) yesterday for my birthday and as I sat with him thought how lucky I was. I can honestly say I have never had a moment's worry with him.
    My stepsons, however - very different and that's because the mould was set before I came along and they had already been allowed to do what they wanted to do. One still gives me grief even now and he's 40!

  3. Lorraine,
    Count you're Blessing's. I brought mine up in church,I thought that I did everything right .But as a child I was treated really bad,I was Molested and beat, So it is My fault
    for not being more strict. I now know that.A little late now . All I can do now is Pray that God will touch his heart and make him the man I thought he would be. TY for responding @ least u know what Im going through God love you're heart.
    Thank you.